The winter season is upon us, and this time of year naturally encourages us to spend more time at home, enjoying special moments with friends and family.  EarthKosher loves to connect with smaller family based companies, who encourage whole grains, natural ingredients that are built from the ground up.

EarthKosher Kosher certified Popsalot is all about warm fuzzy feelings, sweet childhood memories, a loving work environment, and delicious gourmet popcorn:

Growing up in Indiana, Noah remembered the joy of watching his family transform “a dash of this” and a “pinch of that” into a Thanksgiving feast; joking around with the guys after soccer practice over huge bowls of shredded wheat; and being shooed out of the kitchen while Dad whipped up a batch of his “secret popcorn” on lazy weekend afternoons. Even with the buzzing nightlife and red-carpet cachet of Hollywood, Noah saw that the simple pleasures of great friends, warm family and good old-fashioned fun were truly universal cravings. Noah embraced the challenge to create a recipe that would bring them all together.

Drawing from his own love for the crunchy American treat, Noah recognized the appeal of popcorn as an anytime snack for every occasion. He sought to elevate the American classic from sidekick to starring role by crafting a gourmet indulgence as memorable as the moments captured onscreen.

With a big idea and a small copper pot, the next few years filled Noah’s modest Beverly Hills apartment with mountains of caramel corn and just as many invaluable caramel corn taste-testers. Sleep was traded for flavor when Noah discovered the extra depth and richness that traditional oven-baking coaxed from his slow-simmered caramel.

In 2006, the first words to fly out of someone’s mouth after tasting a bite of Noah’s popcorn became a steady stream of, “What did you put in this? It’s soooooo good!” Such genuinely joyful reactions convinced Noah that the recipe for Clandestine Caramel Corn™ was ready to share with the world. Popsalot Gourmet Popcorn was officially born.

It is no surprise that the “not-so-secret behind our signature recipe is much more than the luscious alchemy of pure Tahitian vanilla & deep brown sugar. It’s also in the rich traditions & warm childhood memories of our diverse, dedicated kitchen crew that sweetens just about everything they touch”.

Each bag of EarthKosher Kosher certified Popsalot begins with their made from scratch caramel popcorn, and infused with it’s own special flavorful touch. There are seven scrumptiously special and passionate  flavors to choose from:  London Kettle, Saigon Sunrise, Southern Surprise, Brazilian Samba, Roman Holiday, Clandestine Caramel and Honolulu Aloha.

Noah and Victoria, and the entire Popsalot team believe “that the joy you get out of each bite of Popsalot should be as pure as the ingredients we put into our kettles”.  Each batch is freshly popped, non-GMO, and gluten free. Enjoy the coziness that winter brings, because life is sweet with EarthKosher.