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Allied Market Research states that Kosher market worldwide growth will grow from $19.1B in 2018 to an estimated $25.6B in 2026.

Kosher certified products are increasingly popular and sell better than non-Kosher products in part because consumers associate Kosher with higher quality, healthfulness and safety. For others, Kosher is a matter of a faith-based lifestyle and such consumers simply will not buy a product unless its Kosher certified. (Mintel Research Organization)

In addition, Muslims, Vegans, Vegetarians, Seventh Day Adventists, Lactose Intolerant and Celiacs all look to Kosher certified products to support their  religously inspired, moral or health informed way of eating.

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“The growing popularity of Kosher food in America is a response to a more general cultural anxiety about industrialization of the food supply. Like the movements to eat organic, local, or ethically produced foods, the turn toward Kosher is, for many consumers, a way to personalize food production”

Professor Timothy Lytton
Kosher: Private Regulation in the Age of Industrial Food, Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Law at Georgia State University College of Law

7 Strategic Reasons Companies choose to become Kosher certified

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Gain Sales

To get a reliable bump in sales and capture more market share

Retail Acceptance

To have a product or product line accepted into a major Retailer

Wholesale Opportunities

To sell a product wholesale to a specific Customer

Tradeshow Preparedness

To show up to a Trade Show prepared for the regular demand for Kosher certification by Distributors

International Acceptance

To sell a product in the USA, Israel and Europe where Kosher is highly integrated into the food manufacturing industry

Contract Manufacturing

To satisfy an important Customer that wants to utilize Contract Manufacturing services being offered

Kosher Inroads

To make sales inroads in the Eastern part of the US including Florida which has a large concentration of Kosher consumers (Along with California and the Midwest)

Kosher food has gained the reputation of being more carefully produced and thoroughly inspected than non-kosher food, With recent food safety scares causing people to rethink even the most familiar food products, we can expect more adults to turn to kosher food as a way to ensure food safety and quality.”

Marcia Mogelonsky Ph.DSenior Analyst at Mintel
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