Why EarthKosher?

Ten reasons to work with us.

Free Quote

We provide a Free Quote and Analysis for your company’s Kosher certification prospects.

Rapid Certification

We provide rapid Kosher certification services while maintaining Kosher industry standards.

International Basis

We provide Kosher certification on an international basis.

Affordable & Accepted

We are an affordable and accepted Kosher certification agency.

Recognized Authority

Our senior rabbi is a world recognized authority on Kosher certification.


We show the utmost care for your company’s confidentiality.


We are absolutely committed to ethical and straightforward business practices.


We employ a hi- tech and user friendly Kosher certificate system that will enhance your sales functionality and productivity.

Customer Service

We are absolutely committed to the highest standard of customer service.

A True Partner

We will do our utmost to make Kosher certification understandable, obtainable and profitable for your company.

Our Rabbis

rabbi sholom h adler

Rabbi Sholom H. Adler

Senior Kashrus Administrator

Rabbi Sholom H. Adler formerly served as Director of Industrial Kashrus for the Kashruth Council of Canada (COR) for 12 years and is widely regarded as a world recognized authority in Kosher certification.

Rabbi Adler’s depth of experience and knowledge, sterling reputation and impeccable professionalism guide EarthKosher forward as an accepted Kosher Certification Agency that cares about people, the planet and small companies.

rabbi yehuda goldman

Rabbi Yehuda Goldman

Chief Executive Officer

Rabbi Yehuda Goldman serves as the Chief Executive Officer at EarthKosher overseeing the: sales, day to day management, and Kosher Certification operations in coordination with the Senior Kashrus Administrator.

With a dedicated focus on customer service, he works together with new and existing clients helping them benefit from EarthKosher’s efficient, affordable and accepted Kosher certification.

Rabbi Goldman studied at the Ohr Lagolah Program at Ohr Somayach Jerusalem where he earned his Rabbinic Ordination from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg.