Just as the Food and Drug Administration inspects the US food supply to ensure that it is safe to eat and free from contamination according to US laws, Kosher certification agencies like EarthKosher inspect and certify food as well, in keeping with Jewish dietary laws.

We offer affordable and accepted Kosher certification services to companies of all sizes worldwide.

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How the Kosher Certification Process Works

The specifics of Kosher certification may vary depending on the company but every certification we issue involves three key components:

  • Documentation is where Kosher certification begins. We check ingredients, suppliers and manufacturing processes to ensure compliance with Kosher dietary laws.
  • On-Site Inspection allows us to verify that there are ingredients that pose an issue or flaws in your manufacturing processes.
  • Certification and Maintenance – Once you’ve cleared the first two steps, your products are certified Kosher! We follow up with periodic inspections to guarantee compliance with Kosher dietary laws.

What are the Benefits of Kosher Certification?

  • While for consumers who keep Kosher, certification is all about adherence to Kosher dietary laws, consumers who don’t necessarily keep Kosher view Kosher certified products as those of higher quality.  
  • If your products are Kosher certified, consumers know that they were manufactured in an environment that has been reviewed and inspected and that if a product is marked as dairy or meat free, it is truly the case. 
  • By offering your customers a line of Kosher certified goods, you’re building trust with them and providing them with third party verification of any claims that you make about your products . 
  • Food manufacturers who obtain Kosher certification find that they have greater reach in their marketplace. Not only do customers respond to Kosher certification labels, but retail outlets know that Kosher certified products can sell better making them more attractive to the management of those stores.

Kosher certification is a proven method for building trust among consumers as well as growing your brand. For more information about Kosher certification services or to set up a free quote and analysis, please call (888) 312-3559