You may have seen Michael Pan and his delicious mushroom jerky on the local news in Washington state or on Shark Tank, where there was some vigorous deal-making to invest in his up-and-coming brand at the time.

Pan’s uses mushrooms as the base for their tasty treats providing a plant based alternative to traditional beef jerky.

Mushrooms are a little unusual in the natural world. They aren’t plants and they aren’t animals. They don’t derive their energy from the sun or even the soil but instead, they thrive on the decomposition of plant material. In the world of Kosher, they are treated as ‘not plants’, but of course, they aren’t animals either. In a way the treatment of mushrooms is appropriate; they are their own special category. The bottom line for Kosher certification is that mushrooms are generally considered Kosher as long as they are free from insects.

When projects are simple and involve minimal ingredients (and in this case Vegan), the process is quite fast. We were able to certify their entire line of mushroom jerkies!

pan's mushroom jerkyIf you haven’t yet tried Pan’s Mushroom Jerky, give it a try today. It has a satisfying feel and flavor profiles just like you’d expect from traditional jerky. If you have any questions about Kosher certification for your products, get in touch. We’re always available to help your product line reach a wider audience.