Kosher law and Kosher certification is an ancient practice. When it comes to new foods such as those from The Better Meat Co, it is cutting edge. Many foods we regularly consume have been available in some form or another since time immemorial. However, when it comes to meat substitutes, there are food pioneers who are reinventing the category right now.

To accommodate consumers seeking meat alternatives, food innovators like the team at The Better Meat Co. are creating new options never before imagined. Their innovations promise to save both on costs as well as reduce the amount of land, water and pollution resulting from the classical production of meat.

The primary innovation is their mycoprotein fermentation process. They use a proprietary blend of mycelium (called Rhiza) to create enhanced meat-free products, all of which are high in protein–and other nutrients–while providing great taste and a satisfying dining experience.

We are excited to work with The Better Meat Co. as their Kosher certification partner as they work to create products in partnership with food producers. It’s exciting to see the future of meat alternatives grow and enter the marketplace.

To learn more about The Better Meat Co. visit their website and watch their video which does a great job explaining their origin, and purpose in the marketplace.