When you think about the common prohibitions of Kosher law, you might think of not mixing meat and milk or the prohibition on shellfish. Those are certainly to be avoided during the Kosher certification process, but for a long time gelatin was a difficult food to find in a Kosher formulation.

However, thanks to advances in modern food production confectioners can now easily find Kosher certified versions or alternatives and can now make Kosher treats that were once difficult to come by.

Black Bow Sweets is just one of the companies that are making use of Kosher-friendly ingredients and recipes to create treats that can be sold to (and enjoyed by) those keeping Kosher or anyone looking for Organic or Vegan treats.

kosher certified gummy treats

Let’s take their Sparkling Rosé Gummy Bears for example. By using pectin, they sidestep any concerns about animal ingredients, which allows this product to achieve both Kosher and Vegan certification.

Black Bow Sweets also makes a full line of candied nuts and kettle corn in intriguing flavors. These are the kinds of specialty confections you’d find in a thoughtful gift basket or a birthday present. We’re proud to help them reach a wider audience with Kosher certification!