Emmy’s organics

An Interview with Samantha Abrams, co-founder

EK:  How did your company begin, and how has it evolved over the years?


S: We started Emmy’s in the beginning of 2009 in my partner, Ian’s mother’s home. We have grown SO much in five years! We have moved three times, launched new products and expanded our distribution.


EK:  What is a fond memory of how it all started or a trial or two of the early years?


S: We used to scoop all of our macaroons by hand. I remember Ian getting carpel tunnel syndrome because he was going so fast to keep up with our demand. It’s funny to think back on the ways we used to do things and how we have improved them now!


EK:  I noticed on your website that not only do your products have kosher certification from EarthKosher, but are also vegan, non- GMO and gluten free! What important values do you hold as a small grass roots company- maybe towards community or the environment?


S: Wow. There is so much I could say! We started this company because we believe in clean eating and providing the best quality products to the world. We also believe in putting a lot of energy into the sourcing of our ingredients, which means every ingredient in our products, has been reviewed. We go through all of those certification processes not only because we believe in them, but also because they mean different things to different people. For example, we only produce our products in our manufacturing facility, and make sure all ingredients coming in are processed in gluten-free facilities. BUT, we still wanted to get the Gluten Free Verification. Because someone can easily look and see that symbol and know that we are gluten free. It’s much easier than reading all of the ingredients and calling the company to verify! I feel similarly to our B Corp Certification, which is a new high standard for socially responsible companies. For people who understand what that means, they can look at our packaging and get a sense that we care about every aspect of our company and put a lot of extra work in so we can make a positive impact in our community and beyond.


EK:  What are the different kinds of products that your company produces that EarthKosher provides kosher certification to?


S: We have a line of macaroons that come in eight different flavors, a line of Super Cereal (based in sprouted buckwheat lightly sweetened with coconut sugar) and a chocolate sauce. All of our products are vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo, kosher and made with many raw ingredients.


EK:  What are your favorite product, and your most popular product?


S: I am really into the Apricot Vanilla Super Cereal right now. I love the flavor and texture so much. Our most popular product to date is our Dark Cacao Macaroons, we use some incredible chocolate in them and I think that’s why they are such a hit!!


EK:  How did you hear about EarthKosher, and why did you choose us for your company’s kosher certification agency?


S: We heard about EarthKosher from another manufacturer. I have a close friend who keeps kosher and had her look into the process. From what I learned, all of the ingredients in our products were inherently kosher, especially because we put so much effort into sourcing. So, after learning about EarthKosher, my friend asked around her community to see if the EarthKosher seal was one that was recognized. And, it was! This was when I knew I could move forward.


EK:  What are the advantages and/or benefits of choosing the smaller kosher certifier for your kosher certification, Earth Kosher as your Kosher Certification Agency?


S: Well, I have never worked with any of the larger companies, but I can say that being able to contact EarthKosher has been very easy. I always appreciate that about working with smaller companies. I also can relate on a different level because we are small and growing too!