komal_herbals_logoEarthKosher prides itself on providing kosher certification to companies creating diverse health products all over the world. Komal Herbals is one of those long standing distinguishable companies.

Komal Herbals is focused on offering highest quality Ayurvedic herbs and various other health product to our customers. We are always striving to source our herbs, spices, grains and other ingredients from trusted suppliers with full traceability to farms. Sustainable harvest practices combined with Good Agriculture Practices and Organic certifications are some of the criteria we look for in our suppliers, both, international and USA. We are working with cooperatives of small farmers in India promoting sustainable and organic farming. We buy steam treated spices and herbs when possible.

Komal Herbals offers delicious ready to cook Indian Risotto and Quinoa Khichadi, cold pressed oils, organic Ghee and many health products to help keep you healthy and enjoying life!Komal-Herbals-Satvik-Ayurvedic-Cleanse-Kit-USDA-Certified-Organic-0-180x180

Komal Herbals created the first Chyawanprash- Praas- to be made in USA.  Komal Herbals Praas is certified organic, and has kosher certification from EarthKosher.  Their Praas is specially formulated, using a complex traditional recipe as described in the ancient Ayurvedic text. It helps stimulate metabolism and strengthen the immune system and is believed to improve concentration, memory and help balance stress levels.KM0009

In addition to so many other qualities, this product, helps enhance digestion and absorption, promotes detoxification and invigorates the liver.



Komal Herbals has an impressive and inspiring line of naturally caffeine free herbal teas made with 100% Organic certified ingredients.  All Komal Herbals teas have kosher certification from EarthKosher.






Vata AyurBest:
Delicious minty and cooling blend.
Helps balance fiery ‘PITTA’ dosha.
Help digestion and regulate metabolism and appetite.




Pitta AyurBest:
Stimulate Appetite and Digestion.
Promotes upper respiratory health.
Helps stimulate and balance ‘KAPHA’ dosha.
Helps increase energy and staomina.

Kapha AyurBest:
Stimulate Appetite and Digestion.
Promotes upper respiratory health.
Helps stimulate and balance ‘KAPHA’ dosha.
Helps increase energy and staomina.

ayurbest_herbal_tea_lymph_8oz_567_v1Lymph AyurBest:
Unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs and spices help in reducing lymph stagnation.
Relieves temporary water weight gain which may also improve skin health and breast health of women. It may also help improve PMS symptoms.
Promotes healthy lymphatic system and healthy immune system.
Healthy lymphatic system is necessary for a healthy body.

Weight Loss AyurBest:
Helps in maintaining healthy weight.
Supports healthy digestion and metabolism while maintaining healthy appetite.
Helps improve circulation and reduce excess fluid which may also help in maintaining healthy weight.
Helps build greater energy and vilatlity.

Detox AyurBest:  
Supports Immune system and improves energy.
Promotes gentle detox and improves circulation.
Supports healthy lymphatic and respiratory system.
Pleasant and Smooth taste.

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Feel great, with EarthKosher.