EarthKosher Kosher Certification Agency is the leading kosher certification agency specializing in natural and organic food products. We certify over 350 unique companies. Each time we meet a new company, we are not only impressed with the quality, and health value of the product, but also greatly inspired by the dedication and effort of the people behind the products. This dedication begins from the ground up, through watering the seeds of inspiration and ideas thus creating healthy natural products that benefit the environment, the people who enjoy them, local communities- and the earth entire.

EarthKosher wants to extend a warm welcome to one of these amazing companies: The Healthy Crunch Company.   Healthy Crunch Artisanal Kale Chips now have kosher certification from EarthKosher, are EarthKosher Vegan Verified and are proudly Canadian- grown and produced in hand -made batches in Toronto, Ontario!


About Healthy Crunch

Eating whole, real food makes you feel good inside and out.

In our humble opinion, The Healthy Crunch Company makes the best artisanal kale snacks on the planet. Our big kale chips are big in flavour, big on crunch and big on love, but the way we make them is small.

Small batches of raw organic local kale are washed and gently massaged by hand in the finest of ingredients, so that they are bursting with tastiness. The kale then goes into the dehydrator to air-dry slowly, so no nutrients are lost. No frying, oven-baking or cooking here, my friend, just super-crunchy deliciousness.

Our mission is to provide satisfying, healthy snacks that fuel the body, mind and soul.

Certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, tree-nut-free, peanut-free, vegan, raw and paleo-friendly.


Healthy Crunch Kale Chips come in six scrumptious flavours :  Say Cheeze!® Kale Chips, Bollywood Blast® Kale Chips, The Cool Cucumber+ Dill™ Kale Chips, Hello Jalapeño™ Kale Chips, The Big Chipotle™ Kale Chips, Monkey Business™ Kale Chips.  Healthy Crunch also created Kale Krumbs, a brilliant way to sprinkle your favourite flavour on just about anything! 







Local Love

We strive to support local farmers and to source as many local ingredients as possible. Everything we use is organic and non-GMO. And we search for the highest-quality products to ensure that we are able to make the best kale chips ever!

Our commitment to supporting local farmers and using local ingredients ensures we leave a small environmental footprint. We love our planet as much as we love our kale chips!





Founder & Chief Crunching Officer

Julie’s love of snacking is unlike any we’ve seen in others. A spirited entrepreneur and total go-getter, she’s always on the move.

To keep up her energy, she fuels herself with high-vibe snacks, chaga tea and, of course, kale chips. It’s the Registered Dietitian in her as well as the fact that she’s a trained chef that makes her love kale. But it was her dismal discovery, several years ago, that there wasn’t a single tasty kale chip on the market that led her to this endeavour of developing her own line of chips. And boy, we’re glad she did!

When Julie is not running the show at The Healthy Crunch Company, she’s cooking up a storm, collecting cookbooks, travelling the world, keeping active or hanging out with the Crunch Pups. Julie has a warmth, kindness and generosity that make her a great colleague to have. She’s fun, open and genuinely strives to create a happy, healthy work environment.

Julie doesn’t have a favourite kale chip flavour. She says it’s like choosing between her babies. But if we peeked into her fridge at any given time, we’d find avocados, lemons/limes, cilantro, cholula hot sauce original and spinach. In Julie’s words, “Popeye was right! Spinach keeps my body strong and happy.”

Healthy Crunch products are available online at, or at select stores.

Together we are putting the Earth back into Kosher.  EarthKosher.