EarthKosher Kosher Certification Agency provides kosher certification to specialty food companies, who truly are trying to make a difference in how people are able to enjoy food.  Not all kosher providers are the same, and we know that not all gluten free products are the same. EarthKosher is proud to introduce a wonderful company that has recently chosen EarthKosher as it’s kosher certification provider.  Gluten Free Gloriously by Bay Ridge Bakery, is located in Stirling, New Jersey.  Gluten Free Gloriously  is certified gluten Free, and now certified kosher with EarthKosher!

I have not been diagnosed with celiac disease but I am a second generation pastry chef who has a nephew that has many allergies including very high allergy to Gluten and Dairy.

Watching him grow up eating dessert that most of us would not touch, inspired me to want to bring my pastry chef skills and experience to the gluten free world. “Why should Gluten Free dessert not taste just as good as the gluten full version?”, I asked myself. For many years, we have been making desserts that are, in fact, gluten free but could never sell them as such since they were not made in a gluten free facility. I have been dreaming of opening up a dedicated Gluten Free Bakery to bring my desserts to those that have been denied for years. The search began and after months of searching for space, I was introduced to a woman who had an existing dedicated gluten free bakery here in Stirling, NJ and who wanted to sell. Perfect situation!! I jumped at the opportunity and our new brand was born ….. “Gluten Free Gloriously by Bay Ridge Bakery”.

We retained the staff and the location, and took the recipes that were already fantastic and added my pastry chef knowledge and experience. We have come up with some exceptionally tasting dessert. Our food is designed to taste fantastic to all, but especially to those who worry about Gluten. We do use eggs, and butter. We never use artificial sweeteners and rarely use soy. We have developed many products that are also dairy free or vegan. We never use a pre-made mix from other companies. All of what we do comes from our heads, hearts and hands. We simply want people who cannot have gluten, nuts and dairy to enjoy eating dessert again! Friends and family who don’t need to eat gluten free will happily enjoy great dessert with you.

We are also now a certified gluten free bakery. This is a long and time consuming process but well worth the knowledge and procedures that our staff has adopted. We get audited by a third party yearly to inspect that we maintain every procedure that we have in place so that there is 0% chance of cross contamination to our gluten free friends.

People ask us why a lot of our desserts are frozen. By it’s chemistry, gluten free goes stale very quickly. When I first started working on Gluten free recipes, I made the decision to retain an exceptional flavor and texture rather than try to extend a shelf life outside of the freezer. Each of our recipes must meet three standards: it has to taste great, it has to have a smooth and pleasing texture, and the product MUST defrost back to its original fresh quality. If any of these standards fails, the recipe is not ready for use. With these standards and high quality ingredients, we have accomplished something great

Our customers are literally dancing about the store after sampling our products and thanking us for giving them the best gluten free products they have had. So please, come in, take a bite, and join me in living your life “Gluten Free Gloriously”-Nick

Here are some more helpful facts about the company, and how to get your hands on some of these delicious EarthKosher kosher certified and gluten free products!

Is your bakery a dedicated gluten free facility?
Yes, we are a dedicated 100% gluten free bakery and have been so since day one. No equipment or interior surfaces has ever been cross contaminated. As a matter of fact, all ingredients and supplies first enter a separate area that is dedicated for receiving, gets checked to be gluten free by at least two of our staff, and only then enters the kitchen area.

I know many people say they are gluten free but are you certified?
Yes!!! We are a certified gluten free facility. We went through a strict 3 month process to just get to the point of getting a third party audit and proving that our procedures are strict and that all of our staff are trained in them.

Do you have a storefront?
Yes, we have our retail store in a beautiful little town called Stirling, NJ.

How do I place an order?
You can place an order online, via phone, or in person. For all custom cake needs, we prefer to take the order in person to avoid any misunderstandings and to go over all details properly. (please see their website for current updated  storefront regulations).

How long do your products last?
We recommend eating our baked goods within a day or two….if they last that long! Since we only use quality ingredients, we freeze our products immediately after baking to retain their original taste and texture . Cakes and cupcakes should be refrigerated and taken out 45 minutes before eating. If you would like to freeze your baked goods, toasting the muffins and heating up the cookies should help bring them back to life..

What do you use instead of Gluten flours?
We use our own mix of rice flour, tapioca starch, and potato starch.

How do you guarantee your supplies are all gluten free?
We accept all our ingredients in a separate space that is isolated form our kitchen. We have a policy of at least two of our chefs need to verify all ingredients of our supplies before they enter our kitchen. Then, and only then, do our supplies enter our dedicated gluten free kitchen. This process allows us to guarantee 0% cross contamination off any of our products. We are so strict with our policies that no outside food or drinks are allowed into our kitchen or our storefront.

Do your products contain preservatives?
Our gluten free products have no preservatives. We strive to use the minimal amount of ingredients possible to maintain the healthiest possible gluten free desserts. Our desserts are high quality desserts that are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their gluten free status. We often hear that our products taste better than the gluten full desserts.

What is your goal?
As a second generation french trained pastry chef, and a chef with a nephew who has a life and death gluten allergy, I strive to bring a higher quality dessert to the gluten free world. A dessert where none of your guests will know the difference. My goal is to serve all desire gluten free, and no one will know. The celiac customer should no longer feel that they are treated differently due to their illness. They can now have the cake and eat out too!!

Are you a nut free facility?
YES, we are a peanut and tree nut free facility!

Do you offer custom cakes?
We offer a full line of custom cakes. From basic birthday cakes to custom high end wedding cakes. Our cake are made to not be identified as gluten free by any of your guests. We use high quality ingredients and create high end products where you guests will not believe it is gluten free. We work with your design and accommodate many different tastes. Please email for an appointment.

Do you do wholesale?
We supply many Shoprites, restaurants, diners, delis, catering halls, schools, hospitals and other facilities with products such as your many types off breads, cakes, and desserts. Please contact us for custom pricing based on your needs. We can also help you start a gluten free program in your establishment.

Do you ship?
Yes, we do ship in the continental US. Our online catalog is being worked on but feel free to contact us with your order and we will be more than happy to ship to you.

My School has no Gluten Free products, can you help?
Please let your school nutritionist or catering personnel that we do ship to schools nationwide and we deal direct to maintain a reasonable cost. Tell them to contact us for a list of products at

You will want to watch this news clip of Nick, baking and being interviewed at his New Jersey, Gluten Free Gloriously bakery.

Welcome to EarthKosher-  Gluten Free Gloriously by Bay Ridge Bakery, we can’t wait to taste all those delicious products!