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Kosher Certification – Doc’s Tea

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logo-docs teaEarthKosher kosher certification agency is always excited to discover new products that are as good for your health as they are for your taste buds.  EarthKosher provides kosher certification to many companies that pride themselves on using the finest ingredients, not only feeding your body with nourishment, but also feeding your soul.  Doc’s Tea is one of these amazing companies.

Doc’s Tea is healthy tea created by a health professional and micro-brewed with your health in mind. We blend Rooibos tea leaves with only the finest organic ingredients we can find. Each flavor has its own unique flair; from Organic Coconut water in our Island Coconut Tea to Organic Lemongrass blended into our Lemongrass Tea. We deliver on the promise of a healthy tea that is good for you and tastes good too!

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Naturally Caffeine Free
There is a new super-beverage in town, and its name is Rooibos. The herbal tea called Rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss), also referred to as “red tea”, is becoming quite popular in Western countries, particularly among health-conscious consumers. The Rooibos plant is a South African flowering bush used to make a mild-tasting tea that is naturally caffeine free, has very little tannin and significant amounts of polyphenol anti-oxidants. We crave research on exotic superfoods and rooibos met our needs. No caffeine and no calorie herbal tea met the strict guidelines we require at Doc’s Tea.

Doc’s Tea, is also made with Monk Fruit.  Monk Fruit, otherwise known as
Louhan guo, is grown in Asia within it’s mountains.  This special fruit provides low- calorie and delicious sweetness to the tea.

Better tea = Healthier for you

Doc’s Tea (Formerly Doctor B’s Tea) is handcrafted to be the best possible beverage. Our great-tasting, good-for-you tea is made fresh in small batches at the craft microbrewery Dr. Kenneth Banks had custom-built.

Doc and his family – including his son, fellow dentist Christopher Banks, and daughter, dental hygienist Sarah Langford – take care to use only premium, wholesome ingredients, starting with heart-healthy Roobios tea (high in antioxidants and minerals, and naturally caffeine-free), monk fruit (a natural, low-calorie sweetener) and filtered water from local organic springs.

You’ll find real flavors in our teas too, from the lemongrass in our lemongrass variety to real coconut water in our Island Coconut.

You can rest easy knowing this drink is made by health professionals with your good health in mind. Free of artificial colorants, naturally low in calories (just 10 calories per bottle!), Doc’s Tea is certified organic, with nothing genetically engineered added. We’re also gluten-free and certified kosher.

Doc’s Tea is naturally the perfect choice for the whole family.

Handcrafted for you

We have no interest in making a mass-produced drink where quality is not a concern. Instead, we’ve enlisted many of the tools and techniques that are standards of the microbrewery industry to make Doc’s Tea your new favorite.

We hand-brew our tea in small batches at the facility we had custom-built. There’s no co-packer, no outside bottling company, no middlemen handling any part of the process.

From start to finish, we oversee every step of the work to make sure Doc’s Tea is the best possible drink.

Our standards are strict and unwavering, from taking time to filter our local spring water with a double charcoal system to brewing our tea at the perfect temperature.

For best taste, we brew our tea in stainless steel tanks and keep our batches just the right size to make sure every drink tastes fresh. (We’re a small operation but our methods are streamlined and efficient, so if we need to make a lot of tea quickly – no worry, we can do that. We just don’t want a single drop of Doc’s Tea languishing away in a warehouse).

Doc’s Tea has kosher certification from EarthKosher, is Certified Organic, Non GMO and available in six tantalizing flavors:  Pomegranate Acai, Island Coconut, Lemon Grass, Mango, Orange ginger and Apple Cinnamon.

L’chaim from EarthKosher!