EarthKosher Kosher Certification Agency specializes in providing kosher certification to some of the most visionary new natural food companies.  As the leading kosher certification agency in North America, specializing in the natural food industry,
EarthKosher prides itself on offering these companies options with EarthKosher Paleo Certified Certification, and EarthKosher Vegan Verified Certification.

Bubba’s Fine Foods is one of these visionary companies.  Bubba’s Fine Foods now has EarthKosher Kosher Certification and is Paleo Certified from EarthKosher.  If that isn’t amazing enough, many of Bubba’s Fine Foods products are also EarthKosher Vegan Verified!

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 About Us

bubbas fine foods, kosher certificationBubba’s Fine Foods originated in 2014 by Jared Menzel, Head Chef, and his brother-in-law, Jeff Schmidgall, Head Peddler.   Every bag of our gourmet grain-free snacks is artisan hand-crafted in small batches in the front range of the Colorado Rockies.

Jared, nick-named Bubba as a child, is a self-taught gourmet cook.  He had recently started changing his diet to clean, high nutrient, and low glycemic  foods.  In order to make that happen, he replaced the processed foods that were pantry staples for most of his life.  Being the connoisseur of fine foods that he is, Jared found a lot of the clean convenience foods on the market lacking in taste… and especially crunch.  So he started experimenting and creating his own clean, real-food snacks in his kitchen.

Jeff, a CrossFit Trainer and Health Coach, had recently transformed his health with a Paleo life-style.   While their families vacationed together in the summer of 2014, Jeff fell head-over-heels in love with Jared’s crunchy, grain-free snack mix.  Selfishly hoping to simply buy the snack mix to satisfy his new-found addiction, Jeff encouraged Jared to start a business selling the amazing product… and bought a domain name for a future web site right there at the breakfast table.

One month later the first bag of Bubba’s Snack Mix was sold and enjoyed.  The rest, as they say, is history…

Bubba’s Fine Foods is a mix of gear-grinding passion and purely intentional ingredients. No filter. No fodder. 

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Bubba’s Fine Foods has three flavors of ‘Nana Chips available for your pleasurable consumption:  Blazing Buffalo, Macho Nacho, & Grand Garlic Parm.  Bubba’s Fine Foods UnGranola comes in three tantalizing options (but why choose one): Uber Chocolate, Cinn-ful Apple & Bourbon Vanilla.  Bubba’s Fine Foods created a snack mix that is as healthy as it is delicious.  The mix comprises of banana chips, cashews and pecans all dressed up in three ways: Original Savory, Righteous Ranch & Smokey Chipotle BBQ.

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Food is fuel for your irreplaceable human engine, and we take food-fuel real serious. Our mixes and chips are made of just real stuff with not a trace you can’t pronounce. We don’t even mess with murky “natural flavoring” listings because we believe a person oughta know what they’re eating. We get all of our flavor and fill from real high octane food that grows on plants, trees or in the dirt. Kind of like it was before rockets and race cars.



We believe very strongly that the food you eat should be real, clean and simple… and should taste great.  We hope you love Bubba’s as much as we do.  Please shop our site, try a bag, and let us know what you think!

Jared Menzel, Head Chef/Bubba                Jeff Schmidgall, Head Peddler

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At Bubba’s Fine Foods we believe that your body operates best when fed with simple, real, low-glycemic and minimally processed food.  In every bag of Bubba’s, we promise you’ll always find amazingly tasting grain-free, preservative-free, real food.



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