EarthKosher kosher certification agency specializes in providing kosher certification to small, natural companies that not only create delicious health- minded products, but grow companies that inspire and make a difference.  One of these companies is Bixby & Co.  Bixby & Co products have kosher certification from EarthKosher kosher certification agency, are Gluten Free, Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa, Women Owned, and part of the Non -GMO Project.  A large portion of Bixby & Co bars are Vegan Verified from EarthKosher!  If that is not inspiring enough to delve into the chocolate goodness, Bixby & Co have USDA organic products and recently won, Good food Awards 2016,  for it’s product Nutty for you!


At Bixby & Co, we believe a candy bar should be considered a guilt-free pleasure or as we like to call it: ENERGY COVERED IN CHOCOLATE!  That is why Bixby Bars were first created.  Crafted with a smooth texture and just the right amount of crunch, Bixby Bars are packed with protein (3 to 5 grams) and fiber (2-4 grams) using only the highest quality ingredients we can find.  We like to think of the bars as reinvented craft candy snack bars, made with real food that boasts 3 to 4 times less sugar than your average chocolate bar.  The bars are free of additives, preservatives, and excessive sugars such as corn syrup.

We are also proud to report that our chocolate is organic, fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified.  In that way, the environment is protected and sustainable farming of cocoa beans is supported.  When crafting our blend of spices, nuts, fruit and rich chocolate, we firmly believe in knowing where all of ingredients come from, which is why we exclusively source on-GMO verified, Kosher and Gluten-Free Certified options that promise to leave our customers feeling more refreshed and satisfied.

A number of Vegan friendly bars are offered.  Plus, since all of our products are made without high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives or additives without experiencing an unhealthy sugar high and low.  Bixby Bars are here to indulge, satisfy and energize  you making it a bit easier to get through any day!


 Bixby & Co currently have ten handmade fruit and chocolate bars, all with kosher certification from Earthkosher:
Mulligan– Sweet dark raisins, Vietnamese cinnamon, milk chocolate, roasted walnuts
Knockout– milk chocolate, chipotle, roasted peanuts, bing cherries
To The Nines– White chocolate, pistachios, Goji berries, cardamom
Nutty For You– Dark Chocolate, crunchy peanut butter, Maine sea salt (vegan)
Gingered up– Dark chocolate, crystallized ginger, pecan (vegan)
Birdie– Dark chocolate, hazelnuts, currants, Maine sea salt (vegan)
Hearts Delight– Dark chocolate, Almonds, strawberries, cinnamon (vegan)
Whippersnapper– Dark chocolate, Maine blueberries, Maine sea salt (vegan)
Toboggan– Dark chocolate, Pistachios, cranberries, Maine sea salt (vegan)

Figgy– Dark chocoalte, sweet figs, walnuts, gingerbread spice (vegan)

 As the brisk cool air wanders in, it is comforting to know that Bixby & Co have created four types of drinking Chocolate to warm your days and your soul.  Two flavours are EarthKosher  Vegan Verified, and all four have kosher certification from EarthKosher! 
Have a peaceful, inspiring and delicious New Year, with EarthKosher.