EarthKosher Kosher certification agency prides itself on providing kosher certification for healthy, conscientious, and small companies.  Bloom Honey is one of these fantastic companies.  Bloom Honey began with family and passion for healthy food and lifestyle.  David Jefferson, and his family have continued on his childhood love appreciation for the natural world.

 My childhood summers were spent hiking and exploring. In college, I studied ecological economics and sustainable development. I also studied plant biology and sustainable agriculture which led me to spend a summer on the picking crew at Beddington Ridge Farm – an organic blueberry farm in Cherryfield, Maine. Our tight-knight crew raked and packed blueberries during the day and cooked every evening using fresh, organic vegetables from the garden. That summer stoked my passion for healthy whole foods.

For a while now I’ve had the enormous privilege to work with my father, Dr. Ed Jefferson, on our family-owned agricultural businesses, which include hand grown California avocados (under the Jefferson Farms – Doctor Avocado brand), Gold Nugget mandarin oranges, and the fascinating universe of honeybees and honey.

We started keeping honeybees 10 years ago as a way to ensure pollination of our avocado ranch. Over time, we slowly increased the number of beehives and expanded our operation to include pollination of other crops, such as California almonds, local blueberries, and the production of the most amazing pure raw honey varietals.

Today, we have about 1,000 beehives that are field managed by a fourth generation beekeeper. Much of the honey that Bloom offers comes directly from our beehives. We also partner with carefully selected, artisanal beekeepers to offer you specialty varietals we do not produce ourselves. At Bloom Honey, all our honey is 100% pure and raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered.

Bloom Honey, is %100 pure raw honey and wears the EarthKosher kosher certification logo on all its varieties.  The honey comes straight form the hive and contains powerful antioxidants, phytonutrients, live enzymes, local pollens, amino acids, and vitamins and minerals! Bloom Honey offers four collections of single varietal pure raw honey.

Chef’s Dream:

White Clover – our signature varietal from Colorado’s Rocky Mountains – Very versatile, mild and tasty. *Kids favorite!
Orange Blossom – sweet citrus tones of Southern California Oranges. *Kids favorite!

Local So Cal Collection:

Avocado – Made around the family avocado ranch, this rare gourmet varietal has a rich nutty flavor with faint hints of California avocados.
Raspberry – So Cal Raspberry has a fruity-floral flavor with a subtle raspberry finish and is delicate and smooth.

Gourmet Collection:

Wild Cherry – Featured in Cooking Light magazine, this is a very unique varietal!
Saw Palmetto – This gourmet, rare honey is seldom tasted outside of Florida. It has an herbal, woodsy, earthy flavor.

New Collection:

Clary Sage – Grown for its essential oils it is complex with a mildly floral taste and warm afterfinish.
Wild Dandelion – An exceptional rare gourmet honey. True connoisseurs will love the bright & buttery taste and strong aroma.


Why Bloom Honey?

At Bloom Honey, we extract single floral varietal honey straight from the beehive and deliver it to you the way our honeybees created it – 100% raw and pure. It’s that simple.

Our honey is never pasteurized or filtered. We gently heat it just enough to facilitate bottling, but never near the temperature that will degrade its nutritional quality. We allow all of the pollen grains, propolis, and nutrients to pass through to you intact.

Each single floral varietal has its own personality – a unique flavor, color, and texture. Every jar of Bloom Honey is a truly unique manifestation of nature’s creation.

How is Bloom Honey different from what I can find at the local supermarket chain? Bloom Honey’s Pure Raw Honey is completely different than typical grocery store honey. There is simply no comparison in taste, quality, or in the nutritional integrity. Almost all honey sold in grocery stores has been over-heated, pasteurized, and ultra-filtered. Much of it has been blended or adulterated with high fructose corn syrup, or comes from an unknown, unregulated international origin. The beneficial enzymes are denatured by the extreme heat, and ultra-filtration removes the highly beneficial local pollens and propolis.

Bloom Honey is a member of True Source Certified, an organization whose members certify 100% of the honey they market is produced in the United States. We are also members of California State Beekeepers Association, the American Bee Federation, and the American Honey Producer’s Association. In addition, we will donate to Project Apis m, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining the health of the honeybee and researching colony collapse disorder.

At Bloom Honey our mission is to make our pure, raw varietal honey an everyday part of your healthy lifestyle. Your body will thank you for it.

Life is naturally sweet, with EarthKosher.