Bread is central to Jewish holidays and traditions. On the Sabbath and Holidays, the festive meals are celebrated with two Challah (a special braided bread).

If you’re at all familiar with the Bible, you’ll know that twelve unique breads were also featured in the Temple and there is a special commandment to separate off a piece of dough when preparing dough. Today we’re taking a look at Kanan Baking Co., whose products are certified Kosher, Pareve as well as Pas Yisroel.

We’ve discussed Kosher Pareve elsewhere, but to recap, that phrase means that a food is Kosher and contains neither meat or dairy. For anyone keeping the Kosher dietary laws of not mixing meat and dairy products, Kosher Pareve foods can always be consumed by themselves or with either a meat or dairy food.

The phrase Pas Yisroel refers to grain-based products that were baked with the participation of an observant Jew. Many Kosher consumers are particular about this higher standard when consuming bread. We’re proud to help Kanan Baking Co. maintain it’s status as a kosher certified company and to support their work creating high quality baked goods that are thoughtfully crafted. Their products are widely distributed and available at a store near you!