As you may already know, Kosher certification is a process in which the Kosher certification agency verifies that products meet the Kosher dietary laws that are part of the Bible. The modern day process involves a review of the documentation, onsite inspection as well as analyzing the ingredients and the manufacturing processes. This process is overseen by a Kosher certification agency such as EarthKosher.

If you read our article about Kosher certification of coffee, you will recall that coffee is a relatively simple product for Kosher certification. The fruit of the coffee plant is picked, the fruit is separated from the seeds (coffee beans) and the seeds are cleaned, dried and sorted. The beans are then roasted (and also ground as needed) and packaged for sale. Overall, a relatively simple and straightforward process without any Kosher complications.

When it comes to flavored coffee however, care must be taken to ensure that the flavors used are Kosher compliant and/or Kosher certified.
Even if you use liquid flavors, the reality is that virtually all flavor profiles today are readily available from a flavor manufacturer that bears a reputable Kosher certification.

As the flavors are added at a later stage of the production process and won’t affect your equipment, you can always choose to certify your unflavored coffee at the initial stage while you work to source Kosher certified flavors. If you’re blending and selling packaged coffee (including flavored coffee) get in touch. We’re ready to answer your questions. We certify an array of coffee products, ranging from unflavored whole bean varieties to flavored, K-cup vendors.