Kosher certification is sought after by those following Jewish dietary laws, Muslims and 7th Day Adventists but did you know certified kosher foods are growing in popularity with vegetarians, vegans and consumers looking for ‘cleaner’ food ingredients? The kosher seal represents quality and ingredient transparency. Kosher certification is a confident step to navigating prevalent allergens (such as dairy) and many unwanted animal ingredients.

Consumers look for quality products and certifications reflecting specific lifestyle choices in today’s competitive food market. Accepted kosher certification represents total food transparency from ingredient documentation to production, ensuring the facility, equipment and ingredients always adhere to kosher standards.

Today’s food market highlights quality and a ‘free-from’ food trend. According to the article ‘Less is More’ in Food Business News, this movement has sparked a significant boom in non- GMO consumption, less processed food, and kosher certification. Kosher certification is in high demand, with no sign of slowing down.

The latest data shows that the kosher food market’s potential growth is 11.5% by 2025. As more patrons read through labels in the food market isles, there is no sign of this slowing down. Kosher and joint kosher certifications are a lucrative choice for your company and provide peace of mind for the consumer.

Specialized kosher certification agencies like EarthKosher often have the most significant potential to meet your company’s needs. We are an international kosher certification agency offering reliable and affordable joint certification programs for Non-GMO, Vegan Verified, and Paleo Friendly products. Our gold standard customer service and extensive knowledge provide a seamless experience to over 600 companies in 45+ countries worldwide.

Our mission is to provide accepted, affordable, and reliable kosher certification for small and midsized companies. Allow us to share our unique seven-step process and the highest standard in customer service.