What do you need to know about kosher requirements? That depends on your products. A detailed ingredient list and facility check are always required but allow us to lead you through some of the basics according to popular industries that choose kosher with our specialized kosher certification agency:

Natural Raw Foods

  • Unflavored natural vegan raw foods are usually straightforward.
  • Flavoring adds more specific things to look into, such as grape alcohol, grape juice, and some preservatives.
  • Vegetables that are more susceptible to insects may need further inspection and discussion.
  • Any milk ingredients added need to be kosher.
  • Repackaging of bulk foods must occur in an accepted facility.

Packaged Vegetarian/ Vegan Specialty Foods

  • It is sometimes relevant to know is how packaged specialty foods are prepared (freeze-dried, baked, dehydrated, boiled).
  • All ingredients need documentation.
  • Dairy products and most other ingredients need to be accompanied by a kosher certificate from the supplier.
    Shared facilities need further discussion.

Natural Body and Health Products

  • Natural body and health products are a specific industry that often goes overlooked.
  • Products such as tonics, herbs, vitamins, essential oils, and carrier oils must contain kosher ingredients for consumption.
  • As with all products looking to become kosher certified, non-kosher grape flavor, gelatin, and other animal-derived ingredients are problematic but often can be substituted with kosher ingredients.

Food Service

  • Trucking and hauling companies, storage plants, packaging and repackaging facilities have distinct requirements for kosher certification.
  • Specific cleaning requirements are most often needed for initial certification and continued kosher compliance.

Kosher certification is not complicated with our unique seven-step process! Having the basic requirements are the stepping stone to obtaining a speedy and accepted kosher certification. We are proud to offer gold standard customer service and are always here to have a non-obligatory, friendly conversation about how kosher certification can work for your company. Join the 500+ companies who rely on our extensive knowledge and rabbinical expertise to make this process affordable, seamless, and down to earth.