If you’re new to food manufacturing or kosher certification you may be wondering what makes an acceptable kosher certification. Today we’ll talk a little about the requirements for a kosher certification agency, what to look for as a consumer and how certain conventions have come into play in the world of kosher certification.


What is a Kosher Certification Agency?

Just as the food and drug administration (FDA) inspects food for safety and quality, rabbis have followed food purity laws for and inspected food for over two thousand years. The methods used today may be a little more high tech, but kosher certification agencies like ours are following the same rules and verifying the same food purity standards as rabbis would have hundred years ago, or a thousand years ago.


How Does Kosher Certification Work?

If your organization is keeping good records on your ingredients, your suppliers and how you process your ingredients into finished goods, kosher certification is a relatively easy process. One of our rabbis will work with your team to ensure proper standards are in place and are correctly documented. When that process is complete, your organization will be eligible to use the EarthKosher kosher certified symbol on your products.


What Makes an Acceptable Kosher Certification?

You may have noticed there are more than one kosher certification agency, and they each have their own symbol which they allow certified clients to use. You may have seen many kosher symbols in the past, not even knowing what they meant.

Whether or not a kosher certification is acceptable comes down to reputation. A long track record like ours helps–we have offered kosher certification since 2004–and maintaining membership in trade organizations like the Association of Kashrus Organizations allows us to make sure our methods are in line with the standards for kosher inspection around the world.


Which Kosher Certification Agency is Best?

If you’re looking for kosher certification, we’d suggest finding the best partner for your organization. You’ll want to find an agency you like working with; one who is responsive and cost effective. If you have questions about how to get started or how the process works, get in touch. We’d be happy to answer your questions.