Kashrut certification means exactly the same as a recognized kosher certification agency symbol. Kashrut is the Hebrew term meaning kosher law, and confirms that the ingredients are kosher, well documented, and thoroughly inspected. It also means there is an ongoing relationship with the kosher certification agency and rabbinic team to update product documentation and continual site inspections.

Why is kosher certification an excellent choice for your company?

There are many reasons why people choose to purchase kosher products. They are looking for a specific quality that comes with the logo. Many consumers with allergies to shellfish or other animal products, religious dietary needs, and those following a plant-based lifestyle choose kosher, knowing they can trust that what is in the product is on the label.

There is no shortage of food certifications, but its accountability sets kosher apart. Fine detail goes into the kosher inspection process, which puts it above and beyond other certifications. This means more peace of mind for the consumer.

Kosher is a niche. While kosher is essential for people who follow a strict kosher diet, it has become a niche label for the other 98% of the consumer market. Kosher food certification symbolizes a conscious choice to expand your business in a competitive environment. When your products are looking for shelf space with similar products from various companies, it is always best to have the same attractive marketability.

According to new exciting research from Kosher Network International, the kosher market is “a growing segment that holds opportunity for food manufacturers and grocers. An increasingly diverse population is driving interest and growth of the kosher food market”.

As a specialized and international kosher certification agency, we offer a streamlined and seamless experience to over 600 companies in 45+ countries worldwide. Our mission is to provide accepted, affordable, and reliable kosher certification for small and midsized companies within the natural food industry and beyond. Allow us to share our unique seven-step process and the highest standard in customer service.