The US kosher certification market is growing substantially and is not slowing down in the foreseeable future. The boom of interest for high quality food products and the popularity of dairy-free choices, plant-based diets, and religious consumers are responsible for more kosher-certified products on the grocery shelves. The kosher symbol now signifies a strictly regulated food product, where ingredients are transparent.

As more companies are looking to follow this lucrative market trend, we find that a popular question potential clients have is: whether the process takes place online or offline? The answer is both. We can discover most of the information needed to learn whether your company qualifies for kosher certification with a simple phone call. We would ask you:

  • What is the exact location where your products are manufactured?
  • Is the production facility dedicated to your products alone?
  • What are all the ingredients in your products?

We would then move on to your ingredients and plan a facility visit. Over the past year, many industries suddenly had to conduct business online. EarthKosher already had a virtual system up and running. All the essential information that needs to be shared between client and agency is done via an interactive digital program created specifically for us. This online process makes the paper trail convenient and accessible for our client companies worldwide.

The process of becoming kosher certified almost always has to include in-person inspections (live and virtual secondary inspections at times within current COVID-19 restrictions) with our Rabbi or a professionally trained rabbinic supervisor. These in-person inspections of a facility make kosher certification boldly stand out in the food certification industry. Some products require one annual inspection, and the rest of the communication is based online. Other ingredients may require more frequent in-person inspections.

Allow us to walk you through the entire US kosher certification process in a down-to-earth manner. To learn more about affordable, acceptable, and reliable kosher certification available around the globe, please reach out. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and are here to answer any questions you may have to get the process started!