The US kosher certification industry is diverse and reaches far beyond the local grocery store shelves. There is a desired transparency of kosher certification within the natural food and product industry. This trend reflects the modern consumer’s passion for symbols and certifications to help navigate healthy, high-quality choices. Kosher certification, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free are all on this ever-expanding checklist.

As companies look at ways to increase their marketability, they wonder what industries are best suited for kosher certification. As the leader in kosher certification for the natural market, our focus has been on these top four industry categories:

  • Natural Raw Foods: Flours, nuts, grains, sugars, oils, dried fruits, dried vegetables, juice, kombucha, fermented vegetables, coffee, tea
  • Packaged Specialty Foods: Granola bars, kale chips, cookies, crackers, ice cream, chocolates, cereals, vegan milk products, gluten-free products
  • Natural Body and Health Products: Tonics, herbs, vitamins, essential oils, carrier oils
  • Food Service: Trucking and hauling companies, storage plants, packaging/ repackaging facilities

These aren’t the only industries we serve, but they comprise many of the products and categories we offer. Our clients find that when their products fall in one of these groups the kosher certification process goes quickly and they are often able to achieve full kosher certification in a matter of weeks instead of the longer timelines they expected.

We provide kosher certification to over 500 small to medium-sized companies worldwide. Allow us to use our skilled expertise and reputable customer service to answer any questions you have to get started with the kosher certification or joint certification process.