The Ultra Kosher Misconception

There are hundreds of kosher certification agencies to choose from worldwide, and everyone wants the best kosher certification for their products. Let’s look at some of the misconceptions and benefits of choosing the right fit for your company.

What is Glatt Kosher?

The meaning of glatt kosher is a particular type of kosher reference pertaining only to animal products–- and more specifically to the lining of the lungs of a kosher slaughtered animal. There are some misconceptions around terminology when researching “ultra” kosher certification symbols.

Glatt certification often advertises a higher kosher standard similar to Ultra or Mehadrin. In addition, some caterers or stores may have only one kosher stamp that they use on all products- even when the Glatt Kosher reference is only viable for the specified meat product.

Even though only meat can be technically glatt kosher, the term is often loosely used today to refer to non-meat items. Many suppliers of glatt kosher items will refer to all their products as glatt kosher. You may, for instance, find fish with the same glatt kosher sticker as is used on meat being sold one aisle over. In addition, many suppliers of glatt kosher meat will refer to their whole service as glatt kosher. So don’t be surprised to see bakers, caterers, restaurants, and stores labeled as glatt kosher.​ In many instances, it is a marketing technique and a rather misleading label

(The Spruce Eats, What is Glatt Kosher?)

The Ultra Amazing EarthKosher Difference

Most mainstream ‘big box’ kosher certification agencies have one-size-fits-all costs and processes – no matter how specialized the company’s products are. In truth, if your products are vegetarian, vegan, or part of the health product industry – then the term Glatt Kosher is irrelevant for your products or kosher certification standard.

Our specialized kosher certification agency can help your company achieve its goals and focus on the small details of your company.

As an international kosher certification agency, we offer a streamlined and seamless experience to over 600 companies in 45+ countries worldwide. EarthKosher is the leading kosher certification agency within the natural and specialty food industry. We understand your vision because we provide efficient, accepted, and affordable kosher certification to the natural and health industry and standard companies.