Candy and treats have always enjoyed a special place in our lives. Old or young, we all enjoy a little sweetness no matter the season or reason.
When pursuing Kosher certification for candies and sweets, there are several different matters to consider.

  • What other products may be made on the same line as the treats you would like to have certified?
  • How are your products manufactured (e.g. a heated process, below 114 F, extruded, freeze dried etc)?
  • Are there any animal derivatives or alcohol/grape derivatives used?

All ingredients going into your product will be reviewed to ensure it complies with Kosher standards.

If you’ve ever eaten chocolate, you know that all that chocolate flavor from the cacao beans. What you may not know is that what we refer to as ‘chocolate’ can contain many other ingredients and can be processed on shared equipment that may pose Kosher certification concerns. While some chocolate may not contain milk, it is often produced on the same line as milk chocolate and might need to be labeled Kosher Dairy. At times, it can be labeled Kosher Dairy Equipment. This determination is all something the Kosher Certification Agency makes during the review process.

Other popular sweets are gummy bears and chewy fruit snacks. These are usually made with gelatin, which is generally not Kosher certified which would preclude Kosher certification.

For food manufacturers seeking Kosher certification for such snacks, there are two options:

  • Manufacture Products with Kosher Certified Gelatin
  • Use a Plant Based Substitute Like Pectin or Tapioca

If you look through the candy aisle, you’ll notice that there are some wild flavor combinations out there (spicy cucumber lollipops anyone?)

This ‘flavor magic’ is done in the laboratory. Thanks to the advance of food technology, food chemists can effectively mimic the taste of anything today. These ingredients show up on packaging as either ‘natural or artificial flavors’.

Flavors are an ingredient that always require Kosher certification. Both their flavor components and the equipment they are made on must be inspected. The good news is that flavor companies know all about Kosher certification. If you’re sourcing ingredients from one of the major flavor houses in the US, they generally will be able to provide Kosher certified varieties.

As you can see, some candy is more complicated than you might think. With help from a Kosher certification agency like EarthKosher you can navigate the process and gain the Kosher certification symbol for your products in an affordable and accepted manner.