If you’re a growing food or beverage company, you’re probably in the process of creating a plan for 2021. You might be discussing your marketing plan, looking at new products for the coming year, and your sales and marketing teams are probably projecting sales. If you haven’t already begun thinking about kosher certification in 2021, you might want to add that to your plan.

Why Kosher?
If your brand (and your consumers) are focused on food purity, health benefits or sustainability, they are looking for certain attributes in the food and beverages they consume. Things like Organic certification, Fair Trade certification and Kosher certification are all hallmarks of high quality, thoughtfully produced food products. Even if your customers aren’t keeping a kosher kitchen or exclusively eating kosher foods, it’s a certification that holds sway with customers. It means you’re paying attention to what goes into your products.

Why Make a Plan?
At EarthKosher we pride ourselves on being approachable and affordable for brands of all sizes. We provide our clients with quick communication and fair pricing. That said, we suggest our clients start thinking about kosher certification before it becomes an urgent request from your CEO or a grocery partner. Making a plan for when and how to pursue kosher certification allows you to complete the certification process before it’s urgent.

How Does Kosher Certification Work?
If you’re curious about the process, have a look at our quick outline of how we work with clients to help them attain kosher certification, and of course we’re ready to help whenever you’re ready for a custom kosher certification quote. Get in touch when you’re ready. We’ll help you plan and execute your plan for kosher certification next year.