The tropical landscape of Thailand produces an array of luscious fruits and grains sought by specialty food consumers and natural grocery stores alike. The demand for these vitamin-packed ingredients for export to the international market is lucrative, especially within the North American kosher-certified health food industry.

Royal Tropics is a privately owned natural health company whose products originate from their 60 acres of planted orchards and processing factory located three hours northeast of Bangkok in the Korat Plateau. This area of Thailand is at an elevation of 600 meters and creates ideal growing conditions for some of Thailand’s natural treasures – Papaya, noni, mangosteen, and passion fruit. They produce dried fruit powder products used as health-boosting supplements aiding in inflammation, fighting free radicals and digestive issues.

“We can pick in the morning, process in the afternoon, and ship the next day by FedEx! Our customers in the US and Europe can have their order, fresh from the farm, from start to delivery in less than seven days”. That is a fantastic accomplishment and excellent news for health-conscious kosher consumers everywhere!

We provide kosher certification in over 50 countries and are honored to work with inspiring companies like Royal Tropics in Thailand. They are a company whose mission to support their local community, care for the environment, and produce kosher health products for the international market is paramount. The kosher certification process in Thailand is the same thorough kosher certification process anywhere, thus ensuring a ‘clean’ and trusted health product ready for export.

“We only use local labor, who benefit financially from sharing their ancient knowledge and their country’s natural gifts. Our company philosophy is simple; we offer good health and well-being [using] 100% natural health products, without any additives, or chemical additions”.

Allow us at EarthKosher to guide you through a step-by-step process of certifying kosher food in Thailand. Insightful knowledge, sensitive communication, and acute attention to detail make international kosher certification one of our specialties. We are always available to answer any questions on our kosher certification or joint certification programs!