While kosher certification began for those following traditional Jewish dietary laws, certified kosher products are growing in popularity among conscientious consumers looking for vegetarian, vegan, and ‘cleaner’ food choices. Kosher certification now represents quality and ingredient transparency, making the kosher logo a confident step toward navigating prevalent allergens and unwanted animal ingredients.

The latest data shows that the kosher food market’s potential growth will be 11.5% by 2025. According to research from Kosher Network International, the kosher market is “a growing segment that holds opportunity for food manufacturers and grocers. An increasingly diverse population is driving interest and growth of the kosher food market”.

With so many new products competing for shelf space, “Brands may also want to rethink product packaging to ensure prominent front-of-box placement of the kosher certification symbol on their items”.

(Sandy Skrovan, Contributing Editor, Grocery Dive)

Official health guidelines in North America dramatically changed over the past couple of years and are now focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, and plant-based foods. There is a direct connection between health trends and an ever-growing demand for trusted and transparent food certification. Increased sensitivity to religious food observances and concern for allergens adds a tremendous reason for seeking kosher certification.

Reasons to Choose EarthKosher

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