For those who are new to the idea of kosher food, there is often confusion surrounding what Kosher supervision is and how it relates to Kosher certification. What is the difference between the two similar terms?

Let’s begin by explaining what Kosher certification means. Kosher Certification is the process of ensuring that products meet Kosher dietary laws. Kosher supervision is the process of ensuring that the manufacturer/facility follows specific Kosher guidelines and operating practices.

The guidelines provided by the Kosher Certification Agency revolve primarily around which ingredients may be used, how they can be processed and how the equipment/production line can operate. In order for a product to be Kosher certified, it must meet all of these requirements. It is important to note that while in more complex facilities changes are often required, in the majority of cases the need for significant adjustments to the current operating practices of the manufacturer are rare. In fact, many manufacturers discover that their ingredients are already Kosher!

The benefits of Kosher certification for manufacturers are two fold:

Firstly, it allows them to market their products as Kosher certified and target markets that require Kosher certified products.

Secondly, Kosher certification provides third party assurance to their consumer that the products they are consuming meets their Kosher dietary requirements.

Kosher supervision is what makes the ultimate Kosher Certification of a facility possible. Throughout the year the Kosher Certification Agency will conduct periodic follow up inspections to ensure the guidelines are being adhered to. The frequency of these inspections varies depending on the complexity of the operation.

To summarize: Kosher certification and Kosher supervision are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, but if you want to be correct in your usage, Kosher supervision applies to the process of certification, and Kosher certification is the outcome of the supervision. If you have any questions regarding Kosher supervision and how to achieve Kosher Certification for your company, please reach out today. We offer a free, comprehensive analysis and quote as well as an affordable and customer focused certification process.