Thanks to healthier, more transparent eating habits and a desire for a sustainable lifestyle, kosher frozen fruits and blended health products are on the rise in the natural food industry.

“As consumer awareness pertaining to the potential benefits of consuming natural food products continues to grow, the demand is likely to move in the upward direction. The rise in the vegan population around the world is another factor that is expected to provide an impetus for growth of the global frozen fruits market over the next few years.”

Transparency Market Research

Frozen fruits are hitting the mainstream frozen aisles with more choices – which is excellent news for the consumer adding competition to the many companies releasing newer and fresher products. As the leading kosher certification agency in the Natural Food Industry providing affordable kosher certification to many frozen fruit companies worldwide – we know how important accepted kosher certification is to your business.

Pitaya Foods is one of those inspiring companies producing frozen, blended exotic superfoods under EarthKosher’s kosher and vegan verified certification. Our mission is to bring healthy food from small to midsize companies to the kosher consumer. We pride ourselves on making this process affordable and achievable. The simple truth is that healthy food should be available to everyone.

The farmers and producers are the heart and soul of Pitaya Foods, which is why we work with them directly. These first-hand relationships allow us to help support local communities through sustainable farming practices, fair working conditions, organic certification and more. The transparency this creates within our supply chain is something we pride ourselves in here at Pitaya Foods.

They only use the best quality, sustainably grown superfruits picked at the peak of ripeness to give you the most antioxidants, vitamins, & minerals possible. No added artificial ingredients—non- GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, Vegan Verified & EarthKosher Certified – PitayaFoods.

We work with over 600 companies in more than 50 countries worldwide, making this process accessible and seamless. Let us guide you through a step-by-step process of providing kosher certification for your frozen foods. We are always available to answer any questions on our kosher certification or joint certification programs!