As a startup, Kosher certification enables your company to reach the growing Kosher market worldwide. Kosher food certification is sought out not just by those of the Jewish faith, but also by Vegan, 7th Day Adventists and Muslims.

This is important as you try and grow your business and revenue.

The process of Kosher certification involves looking at the production facility at which your products will be manufactured, the ingredients that will be used and how your products will be manufactured.

Having your own dedicated facility will simplify the process and help keep the costs down. Nevertheless, using a third party co-packer or shared facility does not necessarily inhibit Kosher certification but simply would require further research as to the nature of the other activity taking place there.

The nature of your ingredients can also determine the feasibility of Kosher certification and affect the cost. Certain ingredients may necessitate additional Kosher inspections throughout the year due to their sensitivity. At times, some of the ingredients may require that you find an alternative source due to the lack of a Kosher certificate from your supplier.

The production process also plays a role in regard to Kosher certification and is something that you would discuss during the application process.

In general, Kosher certification can run in the range of $2,500 -$10,000 or more depending on the location, scope and nature of the operation. Every company has its’ own set of factors that determine their fee. We specialize in working with both startups and established companies worldwide.

In addition to offering affordable and accepted Kosher certification, we also work with companies to help them walk through the entire process from the initial review of their information through the onsite inspection. We also help throughout the year as long as their Kosher certification program is active. We understand the needs of a startup and can help make the process as affordable and simple as possible so that you can focus on growing your business.

Reach out today and learn how we can help you obtain Kosher certification in as little as three weeks or less.