Mo’ Pweeze Bakery is a specialty small-batch bakery producing mouthwatering kosher certified delicacies! Located in the Garden State of New Jersey, Mo’ Pweeze will surprise your senses as it’s entirely Vegan Verified and free of the top 10 food allergens.

Inspired by their own family story – Mo’ Pweeze wanted to offer baked goods without dietary discrimination. The bakery is thriving with much deserved success and an incredible fanbase, including the 2014 Emmy awards. After their brief closure due to the pandemic, News 12 The Bronx captured these sweet reopening words:

The bakery is not only vegan, but is also free of most of the common food allergens. Allen says that the idea was born from a very personal situation. “My son then had about 12 food allergies and I was looking for a bakery to make him a custom cake,” she says. “When I was calling around, they asked me, ‘Should I make it out of air?’ That’s where my ‘aha’ moment went off and I was like, I can do this.”

Allen says that her motto is to make people smile without any discrimination. “It’s loving everyone, being kind to everyone”

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