Today we’re discussing one of the cornerstones of Kosher certification: good record keeping. Just as a business relies on accurate bookkeeping to ensure sure their cashflow is in order and their taxes are paid on time, having your paperwork in order ensures your Kosher program is kept in compliance.

Here are some tips on what kinds of records are kept and how to take steps that will help facilitate Kosher certification when it becomes relevant.

Ingredients: All ingredients present at the facility are submitted to the Kosher certification agency as you source them to ensure the agency is aware of all ingredients in inventory.

If you’re not currently using all Kosher ingredients, start asking your suppliers if they have Kosher options. You may be surprised to find that most of your ingredients are already Kosher certified and/or Kosher compliant as is.

Manufacturing Process: If you own or control the entire manufacturing facility you currently inhabit, find out if there are any clear barriers to Kosher certification. Are you currently making any recipes that are expressly forbidden by the laws of Kosher (for example mixing meat and dairy)? You may learn that your barriers to Kosher certification are mostly related to switching out your ingredients and/or some minor adjustments to the manufacturing processes. Even if you choose not to switch to an all-Kosher operation, it’s helpful to know what the investment would look like. In many cases, the upgrade isn’t as time consuming or costly as you might think.

Labels: All labels that bear the Kosher symbol issued by the Kosher certification agency are kept on file in a label book to allow for easy review during an inspection at the facility.

Products: All products manufactured under the Kosher program are kept on file with the Kosher certification agency and are listed on the Kosher certificate issued.

These simple steps will help streamline the Kosher certification process when you decide to apply. If you have any questions about the Kosher certification process, please reach out. We pride ourselves on being ultra responsive and offer a free quote and analysis.