Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of healthier and more transparent food choices!

With an appetite for overall assurance in food production, kosher certification represents a higher standard of transparency. Accepted kosher certification speaks volumes in the specialty food industry, especially for vegans, vegetarians and those seeking more ‘free from’ food options.

Kosher certification helps consumers navigate allergens such as shellfish, dairy and animal products, taking the guesswork off consumers’ plates while shopping and making kosher a lucrative choice for food manufacturers.

There is no surprise that the kosher food market, led by growing demand in the US, is expected to increase to nearly $60bn of annual sales in 2025, up from $24bn in 2017.

Menachem Lubinsky, CEO of Lubicom and Founder of Kosherfest – shared with the BBC in 2020, that the demand for kosher food was growing strongly among non-Jewish shoppers.

“Kosher food appeals to a more health-conscious consumer,” he says. “It’s like a new generation of kosher.”

Within the competitive specialty food market, specialized kosher certification agencies often meet your company’s needs. We provide a trusted experience to over 600 companies in 45+ countries. EarthKosher is the leading kosher certification agency within the natural and specialty food industry. We offer affordable, reliable, and streamlined kosher certification with convenient joint certification options – Halal, Non-GMO, Paleo Friendly, and Vegan Verified.

“I think firms are coming from the basis that you can’t produce an ingredient anywhere in the world and hope to sell it in the US without being kosher.”

-Menachem Lubinsky

(Why is kosher food soaring in popularity? Dave Gordon, BBC, 2020)