Mindful companies in the natural product industry choose kosher as one of the many certificates available. Kosher certification guarantees that many allergens and all ingredients are transparent— with thorough screening for insects, dairy, gelatin, and animal derivatives. This attention to detail is excellent news for client companies and conscious consumers alike!

For almost two decades, we proudly represent a down-to-earth and trusted process for those inspiring companies who seek out our knowledge and experience within both the kosher and natural product industry. Mannatech is one of these companies!

Mannatech has over fifteen health products available in Canada, the US, and South Africa for the kosher consumer. They boast natural wellness products for all life cycles and holistic well-being.

“Mannatech is committed to delivering the safest and highest quality products possible for our Associates and Members. Many of Mannatech’s products in the U.S. and South Africa are NSF certified. We also recognize the importance and value of kosher certification for our products.

We are happy to announce that [many] of our top-selling products sold in the U.S., South Africa, and Canada [are certified] with a reputable kosher certification agency, EarthKosher. They specialize in natural, organic, and specialty products and provide supervision and follow-up inspections to ensure that their annual 7-step certification process is comprehensive.

The kosher symbol has become synonymous with food and dietary supplement accountability, quality, and safety. Kosher [certification] means that our manufacturers and our product ingredients comply with a strict policy of kosher food laws, including cleanliness, purity, and quality”.

– Kosher Certification Ensures Quality Products, Mannatech

Allow us to share our unique seven-step process and the highest standard in customer service. Our years of expertise in the natural product industry guarantees informative, affordable, and accepted kosher certification.