Aloe vera, numerous grains, luscious key lime and blue agave thrive in Mexico and are sought after all over North America and Europe. Pure agave distilled Tequila, lime essence and aloe vera health products are timeless trends taking up competitive shelf space in the specialty food isles and food and beverage market shelves. There is no surprise that the demand for kosher certification in Mexico is on the rise!

According to the International Trade Administration of the United States Department of Commerce,

even after taking into account the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the United States maintained its number one position in Mexico’s agricultural imports with nearly 70 percent market share. The United States remains Mexico’s principal agricultural trading partner, receiving USD 33 billion of Mexico’s total agricultural exports.

(February 2021)

With so many Mexican products sold in the US, growers and manufacturers are looking for ways to emphasize their quality and reliability with certifications like Kosher, Vegan and Non- GMO.

The EarthKosher Difference

There are various kosher certification agencies to choose from in Mexico. We have a local rabbinical supervisor and pride ourselves on having long-standing relationships with companies who seek kosher certification and certification options that ensure ingredient transparency and sustainability.

Our founding mission is to provide small to medium-sized companies in the natural food sector and beyond – with affordable, accepted, and reliable kosher certification.

With over 500 client companies in 40+ countries, we understand the hard work and devotion that goes into building and maintaining a business created from the ground up! Allow our exceptional team to lead you through a seamless, down-to-earth kosher certification process with extensive rabbinical knowledge and gold standard customer service.