The tropical island of Madagascar harbors luxuriant rainforests, dry deserts, lush plateaus and is the world’s largest producer of vanilla as well as major growers of cocoa, sugarcane, coffee beans and many spices.

The world is feeling smaller, and the demand for kosher certification is extensive. Products from Madagascar and the African continent are supplying a demand for natural, organic and specialty food ingredients. Production facilities, manufacturers and consumers are looking for accepted and knowledgeable kosher certification agencies to provide reliable kosher certification for the global market.

Madagascar grows some of the best vanilla beans in the world, and EarthKosher certified Madagascar vanilla is the secret ingredient to many kosher certified confections and health food products on the shelves of your local food market. In fact, you can even find our kosher seal on the label of some of your favorite brands.

Here are some impressive facts about Madagascar vanilla beans from one of our client companies SloFoodGroup

  • The average length of these Bourbon vanilla beans is 14-15 cm. Looking for a larger vanilla bean? Check out our Extra Long, Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Planifolia.
  • These vanilla beans are cured at optimal maturity, which enhances both the strength of the vanilla aroma and flavor. Madagascar vanilla beans are known for high vanillin content and our beans are no exception.
  • Bourbon vanilla is ideal for custards, cream bases, vanilla extract and so much more.
  • The moisture content of these beans is 30-35%
  • Average vanilla beans per pound is about 110-150.
  • Our beans are always sustainably sourced, all-natural, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • These vanilla beans were awarded kosher certification by EarthKosher.

We provide kosher certification to over 600 companies in 50+ countries and are leading the way for kosher certification in the natural food industry. The kosher certification process in Madagascar is our same comprehensive and seamless kosher certification process anywhere, thus ensuring a trusted product ready for export.

Insightful knowledge, sensitive communication, and acute attention to detail make international kosher certification one of our specialties. We are always available to answer any questions on our kosher certification or joint certification programs!