Canada is known for its magnificent, vast landscape, harsh winters, friendly people, and various kosher certification options. As the Canadian consumer’s appetite for kosher increases each day it is time to delve deeper into your vision for the kosher certification journey.

Why Kosher?

Health Canada released its new Food Guide in 2019, the first such make-over in ten years. The shift of the pyramid is tremendous, focusing mainly on fresh fruits and vegetables and plant-based foods. This transformation is a result of the overall changing consciousness within mainstream nutritional experts and consumers. There is a direct connection between health trends and demand for ingredient transparency in the food market today with the sought-after kosher label. In addition to this, increased sensitivity to religious food observances and concern for allergens add tremendous value to kosher certification.

Why EarthKosher?

Canadian health-minded food companies have a deep commitment to the environment, organic and sustainable farming, community, and health. These qualities are at the forefront of their success and ours! Therefore, choosing kosher is a natural and realistic goal for many companies seeking more shelf space in the competitive North American health food market.

Specializing in providing kosher certification for companies in the natural food industry- we understand the hard work, mindful decisions, and heart-filled hours spent building your dream and your company. We also understand that smaller businesses need expansive attention to detail, friendly, down-to-earth customer service, and affordable fees.

We proudly work with over 500 companies worldwide, providing kosher certification and offering our unique, joint programs for non-GMO, paleo, and vegan certification.