Spice + Leaf began with an inspiring vision invoked by the fragrance of freshly ground spices enjoyed while strolling through a tucked-away spice shop in northern Israel. With a MA in Jewish Education and years of involvement in the Jewish Community of San Diego, North America and Israel, Debbie Kornberg has taken her love of teaching, community, and connection to her roots and created a culinary sensation.

A Brand Celebrating Flavor

Spice + Leaf offers around 50 products on their website and an excellent variety on Amazon. The spices hail from all over the world including Israel’s mountainous region of the Galilee. They are all kosher certified, vegan, gluten-free, and completely natural. Best of all, they take the guesswork off your plate while creating a gourmet dish in your kitchen. Imagine having such spice blends in your cupboard: Premium Vegan Broth, Rosemary Garlic Salt, Tzatziki Dip Mix, Shakshuka Blend, Essential Oatmeal Spice Blend, and extra virgin Suri Olive Oil!

Not only does Spice + Leaf offer spices, spice blends, loose teas and olive oils but they also describe precisely how to use them in your kitchen. Debbie celebrates the flavors of Spice + Leaf online with cooking classes for non- profit events, team building, corporate events, special occasions, and some free live workshops! Check out her website for all Spice + Leaf products, recipes, gift baskets, classes and a link to Amazon.

The EarthKosher Difference

Spice + Leaf was happy to discover our personal and expeditious kosher certification process and our unique Joint Kosher / Vegan Verified option. The EarthKosher difference allows companies a down-to-earth experience in obtaining reliable, affordable, and accepted kosher certification without using a third party for additional certifications such as Vegan, Paleo and non-GMO.

The [kosher certification] experience was fast and didn’t take a long time to go through the process. I was looking for an opportunity to use my dollars to achieve the most certifications without a third party. I did my research, called all the kosher certification agencies I could find. I’m a small company and wanted to get kosher certified. EarthKosher is reasonably priced, very responsive, and a pleasure to work with.

-Debbie Kornberg, Spice + Leaf