Palm Beach Creamed Honey is one specialty company worth checking out during the Jewish festive month of honey, apples, and new beginnings. This remarkable family-run honey farm is the only kosher-certified creamed honey farm in Palm Beach County!

The small-batch, small business beekeepers at Palm Beach Creamed Honey welcomed Rabbi Yehuda Goldman to their honey farm for their annual kosher certification inspection. Rabbi Goldman is the CEO of internationally renowned EarthKosher. He conducts a 7-step certification process onsite to verify that the production facility and the product meet stringent kosher standards

(city biz, August 11, 2021)

Sierra Malnove, head beekeeper, and her partner Al Salopek sustainably produce high-end creamed honey from 900 hives and a honey house on their 13-acre farm in the Palm Beaches.

Our creamed honey is pure, raw, natural honey that has undergone a unique process, in very specific conditions, to control and create a product with undetectable, super fine crystals. This gives our honey a silky, smooth, spreadable and creamy texture similar to that of butter. During the creaming process, we can add all-natural, freeze-dried fruits or spices to create unique blends of creamed honey with a variety of delicious flavors.

Many new kosher-certified companies are joining the robust kosher certification market. Allow us to share our unique, affordable and seamless kosher certification process. We pride ourselves on gold standard customer service and are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Have a healthy and prosperous new year, Shanah Tovah!