The global COVID-19 pandemic has left no stone unturned and continues to significantly affect the world as a whole. Kosher certification is no different and we have to think outside the box to establish new ways of conducting business while continuing to support our clients and the kosher consumers.

Adapting to change is a familiar part of the Jewish tradition–and while not ideal–disruptions can bring about a metamorphosis of ideas. We have found creative ways to navigate the current situation. As an industry, kosher certification relies heavily on travel for in-person facility inspections. In conjunction with safety protocols and medical expert information we have continued to provide reliable and accepted kosher certification without compromise.

Following suit with other major kosher certification agencies, A percentage of in-person inspections have been supplemented with live virtual visits. Local inspectors (mashgiachs) have also been called upon, as an alternative to out of state, country or overseas mashgiachs.

Before the pandemic we already had in place a virtual system for documenting ingredient lists and receiving certification documents. This program makes the paper trail of the kosher certification process both convenient and accessible for our client companies around the globe.

We specialize in providing kosher certification within the health food and natural foods industry. Many companies across the board have faced plummeting sales and production difficulties due to lockdowns and international transport. On a positive note, some smaller health food companies have found opportunities to expand onto the shelves of grocery stores and health food markets.

According to the International Food Information Council, 85% of Americans made significant changes in their eating habits due to the pandemic. This trend saw consumers choosing more healthy and immune-boosting foods, as well as more plant-based options. This food trend is expected to continue into 2021, and at least that is some good news for the industry and everyone’s health.

While the world continues to fight Covid- 19, and heal from this pandemic, we are here to help guide you through the kosher certification process. Please feel free to reach out to discuss any questions or concerns regarding how we can support your kosher certification needs during this difficult time. Stay safe, and stay healthy.