Kosher certification can largely be summed up in three parts:

1. Raw Materials
2. Production Process
3. Onsite Audits

Today, we will focus on Part 1

Raw Materials
To make a Kosher product, the basic premise is that you need to use Kosher certified, or compliant, ingredients. If a product contains non-Kosher ingredients, it would not be able to obtain Kosher certification.

Ingredients can be categorized in many different ways but for the purpose of this article we will keep it simple.

1. Ingredients that require a Kosher Certificate from the manufacturer
Example: flavors, baked goods, snacks, drinks, supplements etc.

2. Ingredients that can be considered Kosher compliant, or inherently Kosher
Example: unflavored water, fruit, salt etc.

These ingredients are further broken down into the following three categories:

Dairy – Ingredients that either contain or are produced from dairy materials.
Meat – Ingredients that either contain or are produced from meat materials.
Pareve – Ingredients that are neither Meat or Dairy and could be considered neutral.

As part of the Kosher certification process, the complete list of raw materials would be submitted to the Kosher certification agency. This list would need to be maintained on a regular basis throughout the Kosher certification program.

Should a company need to switch a supplier or ingredient, they would submit a simple online request. Once approved, they would receive a notification to the affect.

This is where technology comes into play. EarthKosher uses online, digital tools that help manage, track and maintain your approved raw materials list during the course of your Kosher certification as well as submit new raw materials for approval.

Additionally, companies can submit a request to have a product added to their Kosher certificate online as well as maintain access to their previously approved products as well.
Furthermore, throughout the application and certification process EarthKosher handles all requests for documentation and information digitally without the need to print out and complete lengthy applications or forms.

EarthKosher certified companies can also access a database of approved raw materials to help with their sourcing and supply chain.

By embracing the use of technology, EarthKosher offers customer focused, affordable and accepted Kosher certification on a worldwide basis.