Kosher certification means that all ingredients going into a product have been verified and scrutinized for their Kosher status. It also can serve as a mark of trust that consumers rely on in regards to claims made on a product label. For example, if a product is Kosher Pareve (dairy and meat free), you can be 100% certain that is the case.

But does it mean that Kosher food is more nutritious?

Kosher certified foods by rule comply with the set of dietary guidelines as outlined in the Bible. This includes laws such as not consuming mixtures of meat and milk as well as only consuming certain species of fish and poultry that were slaughtered and prepared in a certain manner. Thus, it would be a sweeping statement to claim that all Kosher foods are necessarily more nutritious than their non-Kosher counterparts as there is no particular rule on sugar content or additives for example.

At EarthKosher, our founding goal was to focus on natural, organic and whole foods that support a healthy lifestyle as well as serve as a bridge between natural food companies and consumers seeking healthier alternatives. Our simple customer focused process has enabled small to midsize companies to achieve Kosher certification for the first time and open up their natural alternatives to the Kosher marketplace.

Over the years we have expanded from Kosher certification to now offering Vegan Verified, Paleo Certification, Keto Certification and even Halal Certification thru our partner Etimad Halal. If you have questions about gaining Kosher certification or other food certifications for your products, reach out. We’re happy to set up a free quote and analysis.