What is Kosher Supervision?

A reliable kosher certification agency uses its expertise and resources to supervise a product’s many stages of production, from ingredient sourcing to final production and packaging. Kosher supervision is one of the first essential steps of the kosher certification process.

What is Kosher Certification?

The basis of kosher certification is kosher supervision. An accepted kosher certification symbol confirms that all the ingredients are kosher, well documented, and a thoroughly inspected production facility. It also means there is an ongoing relationship with the kosher certification agency and rabbinic team to update product documentation and continual site inspections on an ongoing basis.

Why EarthKosher?

Specialized kosher certification agencies have significant potential to meet your company’s unique needs. As an international kosher certification agency specializing in the natural food industry and mainstream small to medium-sized businesses, we offer a streamlined and seamless experience to over 600 companies in 45+ countries worldwide.

For almost two decades, we proudly represent a down-to-earth and trusted process for those inspiring companies seeking our knowledge and experience with affordable and specialized kosher supervision and kosher certification.

Our agency offers other certifications: Vegan Verified, Paleo, non-GMO and Halal (in partnership with Etimad Halal). There is a growing desire for food transparency in the packaged food industry. Modern consumers want high-quality symbols and certifications to navigate mindful choices.

Allow us to share our gold standard customer service, seven-step process, and straightforward business practices.

“I did my research, called all the kosher certification agencies I could find. I’m a small company and wanted to get kosher certified. EarthKosher is reasonably priced, very responsive, and a pleasure to work with.”

– Debbie Kornberg, Spice + Leaf