EarthKosher began in 2004 with an innovative vision of providing affordable and well-accepted natural food kosher certification. For almost two decades, we proudly represent a down-to-earth, trusted trademark for inspiring companies who seek out our knowledge and experience within both the kosher and natural product industry.

Since 2004, our main objective remains the same–specialized small and midsized businesses deserve ultra-responsive person-centered customer service and an informed understanding of how their products are produced.

Our dedication to straightforward business practices and compassion for small companies and the people who lead them are the reason we are the kosher organization of choice for over 600 companies worldwide. We are a proud and committed member of the Better Business Bureau devoted to transparent and ethical business practices.

Affordable and reliable kosher certification in the natural product industry doesn’t have to be complicated. We keep costs down by working quickly and efficiently with prominent, experienced and highly professional rabbis worldwide. This ensures that you obtain kosher certification in the most streamlined way possible. Please get in touch to learn more about our seamless seven-step process and help you get the kosher certification you deserve.