If you’re considering obtaining Kosher certification for your products this year, here are some of the myths we hope to dispell during the process as well as the seven simple steps to getting certified.

Myth: Kosher Certification is Slow

If you’ve previously researched Kosher certification, you may get the feeling that you’ll have to wait (and wait) to get a reply or a spot on their schedule. At EarthKosher, we work quickly and efficiently to streamline the process. We are readily available by phone or email and have representatives around the world to ensure you always receive a timely response.

Myth: Kosher Certification is Expensive

Expensive is a relative term of course, but another part of our mission is to offer affordable and accepted Kosher certification to small and midsize manufacturers. You don’t need to be a multinational company to receive Kosher certification. Not only will we respond to your inquiry quickly, but a free quote and analysis is an integral part of our seven step process.

Myth: Kosher Certification Will Upend Your Processes

Every manufacturer’s operation is unique. However, many of our clients are surprised at just how simple the Kosher certification, onsite inspection and record keeping process is.

You can read all about the steps in our seven step process [link]. We hope this short walkthrough will help you understand that Kosher certification doesn’t have to feel daunting or too time consuming. We’re here to simplify the process and provide you with an affordable and accepted Kosher certification.

When you’re ready, request a free quote online or give us a call at (888) 312-3559. We look forward to hearing from you!