Companies often need quick Kosher certification. Here is how EarthKosher can help and how companies can take steps to speed up the process. In general, the Kosher certification revolves around three central questions:

  1. What raw materials are used at the facility?
  2. What is the nature of the production process?
  3. Is the facility dedicated to Kosher production for this company or is this a co-packer? 

By reviewing this information, we can quickly provide an analysis as to what documentation may be needed, if there are any obvious issues as well as what the Kosher requirements might be.

With our access to a large database of approved raw materials and contacts, companies can receive assistance in sourcing approved ingredients as well as potential co-packers should their facility not be sufficient. 

Another way for companies to take a proactive approach to Kosher certification is to incorporate the request for a Kosher certificate from every supplier into the due diligence process when they vet potential suppliers. This will ensure that you always have Kosher ingredients.

For co-packers who do not necessarily have their own brand, they at times ask that a Kosher Production Program be established. The Kosher certification agency will visit the facility and create a framework for special Kosher productions on an on demand basis.

This enables the co-packer to always be ready to immediately begin producing as Kosher should a client request this.     

With representatives around the world, we offer a customer focused, simple and affordable Kosher certification for companies of all sizes. We also specialize in completing the process based on your required timeline. Reach out today and learn how we can walk you through the process of Kosher certification.