Kosher certification is one of the most sought-after choices in today’s packaged food industry. Adding kosher certification to your label not only boosts marketability for competitive shelf space but also provides the consumer with the transparency they are looking for regarding ingredients and quality.

We believe that kosher certification doesn’t need to be complicated. Running a business is demanding enough, that’s why we make your kosher certification process affordable, transparent and quick.

Something that significantly helps expedite the kosher certification process is gathering vital information and documents needed as soon as possible. Individual requirements may vary, but here is a list of the essentials required to get started:

  • The exact address of the facility/ processing plant.
  • The ingredient list of all products produced at the facility.
  • The kosher certification documents of all ingredients (this is usually provided by your suppliers).
  • Some ingredients such as raw fruits and vegetables do not need a certificate but may need to be checked for kosher viability.

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