Boulder Colorado: The place where the view is always beautiful, folks are always smiling and the food options are endless. The natural food industry in Boulder is booming, and fresh companies pop up on a daily basis producing clean, natural, and creative food products. We know because many of these companies seek out our kosher certification in Boulder as well as our joint certification programs- Vegan Verified, Non-GMO, and Paleo-Friendly.

Our love of Boulder began a decade ago when we opened our main office in the foothills and it continues today. Specialized companies have a unique opportunity in Boulder to have their products locally produced, then showcased on the shelves of local markets, cafes and farmers markets. It’s a perfect fit, and we pride ourselves on leading the way for kosher certification in the natural food industry. Some specialty and mainstream products with kosher certification in Boulder are:

Hemp Products
Gluten-Free Granola Bars

Organic Chocolates
Natural Ice Cream
Fresh Pressed Juices
Raw Snack Foods
Plant-Based Milk Products
Fermented Vegetables
Roasted Coffee & Loose Teas
Nuts & Dried Fruits

When you begin looking for kosher certification in Boulder, reach out! We are always thrilled to walk you through our seamless, friendly kosher certification process. Our specialty is providing your company with the same affordable, reliable, and fully accepted kosher certification along with over 500 companies worldwide. So pour yourself a cup of Boulders finest roast and give us a call; we can’t wait to hear from you!