Kosher certification relates to Jewish dietary law and ensures that products marketed as Kosher comply with Kosher standards.

The Kosher certification process is carried out by trained Rabbis and support staff who supervise the food manufacturing process, including the packaging, storage and distribution of Kosher products. Kosher certification also involves onsite inspections at the manufacturing facilities during which all raw materials, products and production records are reviewed.

Orthodox Kosher Certification is the most stringent and widely accepted form of Kosher certification by consumers.

Not every agency has the experience, support staff and technical expertise needed to offer accepted Kosher certification. By working with a reputable agency such as EarthKosher you can be assured that your Kosher certification is accepted by both consumers and other Kosher agencies alike worldwide.

We don’t expect food manufacturers to become experts in Kosher law or practice. However it is helpful to understand Kosher certification norms and practices. If you have questions about how Kosher certification would proceed in your organization, get in touch. We’re happy to talk through the process and provide a free consultation if you’re interested.